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Mortgage Notes

mortgage noteNirvana Financial Services offers tapes of performing & non-performing notes direct to Registered Note Buyers.  We are committed to exceptional customer service and quality products.  Here’s an overview of our capabilities:


Capability Statement - Mortgage Loan Pools and Distressed Assets:
• We deliver distressed asset loan pools of all sizes.  We contract these assets through banks, hedge funds, investment funds, and private sellers.
• These assets can be delivered in days or weeks, depending on the size of the loan pool.
• The location of these assets is nationwide (all 50 states) and can be in any area.
• Deals are closed quickly!

Consultation – Exit Strategies We can provide:
• Exit Strategies for Exiting Deals and Workouts
• Asset Management Training
• Servicing Recommendations
• Continuing Education

To download our Capability Statement, click HERE.

procesHow Does It Work?

It is very easy to partner with us to purchase your notes.  Here’s our process for securing notes and/or REOs:
1.  Register as note buyer by downloading the NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) HERE and return to
2.  Review, sign and return the NDA along with Proof of Funds (POF).
3.  Generally, within 24 hours of our receipt of the NDA and POF, we will send you the tape of the portfolio.
4.  Simultaneous with us sending you the tape, we will send the bank a statement advising them of your identity and forwarding a copy of your POF.
5.  Once the bank receives and verifies your POF, you will be given access to electronic copies of the file for each of the properties on the tape.
6.  You will have 72 hours to make an offer.
7.  The bank will either accept or reject your offer within 48 hours.
8.  If the bank accepts your offer, you will receive wiring instructions and closing can be scheduled within 3­‐7 days.
9.  Once wired funds have been received and confirmed, hard copies of each file will be forwarded to you by overnight delivery.
10. We will be ready to service your next financial needs and we encourage you to seek the advice of competent legal counsel before executing any documents or transacting and financial business.

Contact Donna Wilson at 301-452-2599 if you have any questions or problems accessing the documents to register and get started.

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